Man’s vaccine rendered completely useless after forgetting to post picture of the completed card

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A man’s vaccine has been found to be completely useless today after he completely forgot to post a picture of the completed vaccine card on social media for everyone to see.

Simon Williams, who was vaccinated two weeks ago realised his disastrous error this morning after spotting a friends picture on Facebook next to a caption reading ‘fully vaccinated’ with a fist emoji and a big smiling face.

Speaking earlier he told us, “Jesus, what an idiot. I don’t know what I was thinking.

“Everyone knows that you have to post a picture, to make sure that the vaccine actually works. Ideally of you getting the jab itself, but a picture of the card is just as good, as long as you can see the stamp.”

“I had every intention of doing mine as soon as I left the vaccination centre, and I had already decided on my emoji’s, and what I was going to post.

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“Fully vaccinated baby! Boom – with a muscle arm emoji, a fist one, a syringe and two smiley faces, just to make sure.

“But then I bumped into someone outside, and totally bleeding forgot. I’ve just been walking around ever since, without a care in the world, thinking that I am safe.”

Asked if he has put something up now, to ensure that everything is ok he told us, “Obviously. I’m not an idiot.”