Weary nation punished again as ITV’s Masked Singer replaced by The Masked f*cking Dancer

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A weary nation has been punished again this week as ITV’s The Masked Singer has returned to our screens in a slightly different, shockingly bad and just plain stupid format as The Masked fucking Dancer.

With producers defying all logic and reason by somehow managing to make a show that was actually worse than The Masked Singer, viewers turned on their TV’s this week to see people dancing around in a giant fucking mask, with celebrities trying to guess who they are, and no, we did not make this up.

Plumber Simon Williams 45 from Leeds revealed, “Oh it’s bad, it’s so bad it actually hurts.

“I thought that nothing could ever be worse than The Masked fucking Singer, but they’ve really pulled it out of the bag.

“I mean seriously, guessing who a dancer is with a stupid pissing mask on, fuck me, is this what it’s come to? Really?

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“I’m depressed enough as it is, but this just makes me angry and want to smash things up.

“I hate everything about it, and all the stupid judges, pretending that they give a shit, it’s utterly utterly shite.”

Asked why he doesn’t just turn the TV over and watch something else he told us, “Well, I just want to know who it is now.”