Mosquito will be back in 12 weeks for a second shot

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People recently bitten by a mosquito have been told they expect a second visit in 12 weeks to maximise the irritation and itching.

Those lucky enough to be in this year’s first wave of mosquito bites include those who live near water, and those living surrounded by trees, but experts say the rest of the population should find themselves with their first bite in the next few weeks.

The mosquito community explained, “We are working hard to ensure everyone in the UK gets stuck with a proboscis as quickly as possible, but we have our limits, and the mosquito rollout has its challenges.

“We have to find you, we have to stalk you, and then we have to find the most inconvenient place to stick you.  This all takes times.

“Please don’t be concerned that we don’t live for 12 weeks, we have taken copious notes and will be doing everything in our power to ensure you are visited again in a timely fashion.

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“The really lucky ones amongst you won’t even have to wait 12 weeks, and should rest easy knowing your irritation will be maximised with daily visits from one of our community.”

A version of this article was first published on our partner site, De Speld.