People who refuse vaccine the hardest also complaining about restrictions the loudest

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People who refuse the covid vaccine because “God knows what’s in it” are also the ones demanding to know why there might be a delay in lifting restrictions.

The ingredients of every vaccine are freely available online, but that hasn’t prevented some from refusing the shot on the grounds of not knowing what’s in it, in a phenomenon historically known as “selective ignorance” and more widely known as “acting a twat”.

“I refuse the vaccine,” beamed Simon Williams, a twat.

“I’m fully able to have one, and I have no allergies that prevent me from getting one, but I trust my gut more than I trust scientists. In fact, I failed science at school, along with everything else.

“At the same time, I demand that everything return to normal. Why shouldn’t they? Everything is fine now.”

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Scientist, Hayley Rice, said, “Things are closer to ‘fine’ because people are getting vaccinated.

“One of the factors preventing a GUARANTEE of everything being fine is a slice of the population refusing to get vaccinated, even though they are fully able to do so.”

“These are also the people who seem to be loudly demanding that all restrictions be lifted immediately.

“I’ll leave you to make your own conclusions about that.”