“I tried to warn Theoden about Mordor” – Grima Wormtongue’s shock claims in full

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Grima Wormtongue, the former senior advisor to the addled-headed buffoon whom fate has placed upon the throne, has insisted he tried to warn about the dangers of Mordor, but was ignored.

Wormtongue, who led the campaign for Rohan to leave the alliance of men and elves, told the council that thousands of Rohirrim died unnecessarily due to delays in responding to the threat from Mordor which he had vocally identified.

”I told him to welcome Chris Whitty the White into his hall but Theoden overruled me, describing the chief wizarding advisor as ‘Whitty stormcrow, ill news on an ill wind’,” Wormtongue said, despite having written exactly that on his own blog at the time.

“And I said we should muster the Rohirrim against the threat ages before the king finally got round to it, and Aragorn cast me out for doing so,” he added, although the council noted evidence from Eomer it was Wormtongue who had advised exiling him.

Wormtongue went on to deny he had ever suggested Putinman of Isengard was ‘ever a friend to Rohan’, or that the legion of Uruk Hai massing on the borders were merely on a training exercise.

“I said we should retreat to Helms Deep immediately, but nobody listened,” he claimed, seemingly oblivious to his 12-month-old blog post titled ‘Why people wanting to retreat to Helms Deep are stupid liberal limp-wristed pansies’.