Friends reunion reveals entire series ‘a hallucination inside the drug-addled mind of Gunther’

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The much-anticipated Friends Reunion has shocked fans by revealing that the entire 10-season run was actually a hallucination inside the drug-addled mind of the comatose coffee shop owner, Gunther.

As the stars of the show reminisced about their favourite moments, it was revealed that each and every episode existed solely inside the warped mind of the degenerate drug-addict, Gunther.

Matthew Perry, who played Chandler in the show, told viewers, “Gunther is really who Friends was all about; the entire show was a thinly-veiled morality play about the dangers of crack cocaine – I’m not sure if that came across properly?

“The showrunners felt it would be interesting to explore out what would happen inside the mind of a drug addict if they found themselves in a lengthy coma.

“As an actor, I found that really compelling. Each of the main characters represents a personality trait that Gunther desires, but ultimately realises is out of his reach because he’s such a loser.  Even in his own hallucination, he’s kept on the outside. It’s why he turned to drugs in the first place.

“How else can you explain the holiday armadillo if it’s not the invention of a brain entirely devoted to opiates?

“Obviously the series ended so abruptly because Gunther woke up, and that’s the main reason we can’t make any more of them.  Unless of course, the writers have a plan for Gunther to have a major relapse after ten years sober, so who knows, never say never.”

Meanwhile, the actor who played Gunther, James Michael Tyler, was approached for comment, telling us, “I fucking KNEW it!”