Thursday 27 May 2021 by Neil Tollfree

Angry, red-faced man demands ‘woke lefties’ get more cross about Fawlty Towers

Man angry that people aren't angry about Fawlty Towers

An angry red-faced man is currently in a fury that ‘woke lefties’ aren’t furious about repeats of Fawlty Towers.

Several weeks ago Simon Williams, an angry red-faced man who permanently looks as if he’s two seconds away from a fatal heart attack, noticed that the BBC was repeating Fawlty Towers and tweeted “Oh, Fawlty Towers is on I see, looking forward to seeing the woke lefties getting outraged about a harmless, classic British comedy.”

However, no such outrage emerged, and so last week Mr Williams took to Twitter again.

“I see that those politically correct liberals are quiet about Fawlty Towers remaining popular. Afraid to admit you were wrong?”

He was ignored again, which only served to increase his fury.

He then called a local radio phone-in show – “You know that Fawlty Towers? That’s on,” he said, “I bet the woke Corbynistas hate that, don’t they?” – confused, the host hung up on him.

As the lack of criticism about Fawlty Towers continued, his behaviour became ever more unhinged.

“Fawlty Towers, eh? I bet you hate that,” he shouted to a young woman in the local shopping precinct.

In the comments section of the BBC Facebook page he wrote, “I suppose you’d prefer it if Basil was a Somarly [sic] immigrant and Sybil was a lesbian benefit claimant.”

Last week, he marched down the high street with a banner saying ‘Manuel’s got a Spanish accent, and anyone who’s got a problem with that can answer to me.”

Then, at 8.30 on Monday evening, he stood in his garden and repeatedly shouted, “Why aren’t you more angry about Fawlty Towers?” until the police arrived.

Eleanor Gay is a councillor for the Green Party.

“I like the bit where the Major thinks the moose is speaking,” she said.

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