Nuclear war, climate change and international terrorism just ‘scare stories’ says Boris

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The threat of nuclear war, terrorism and climate change are all just stupid scare stories Boris Johnson has revealed today.

With revelations emerging today that the original global pandemic was dismissed by Boris Johnson as nothing more than a crock of utter shit, further comments from the Prime Minister have now revealed serious reservations about the validity of a number of other issues.

Speaking earlier he revealed, “Load of shit that global warming. What’s everyone getting worried for? It’s not even that warm outside.

“And the threat of nuclear war? Absolute bollocks. Doesn’t even exist. And if it does, just get Matt Hancock to inject me with it live on TV, to show it’s not an issue.

“And as for International terrorism, that’s just another scare story to try to make people worried and to try and make us do more work than the seven or eight hours a week we’re already putting in.

“People just need to chill right out and stop getting worried about all these little things because they will all just go away, if we ignore them long enough.”

Asked if he now accepts that Covid wasn’t a scare story at all and that it actually killed hundreds of thousands of people, he told us, “Yes, fair enough, thank God that is over. What a bloody pain.”