Ryanair passengers charged ‘hijack fee’ after flight is forced to land in Belarus

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Passengers aboard a Ryanair flight bound for Lithuania that was forced by a fighter jet to land in Belarus have been charged extra for the privilege, it has emerged.

It is understood that the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, ordered the flight to land in Minsk because there was a chap on board who he wished to speak to because he had written some very nasty things about the government in the past and his little feelings had been hurt.

Passenger Eleanor Gay told us, “I was just sat there, wearing several outfits to avoid the hand luggage fee, minding my own business and trying to hold in a wee so that I didn’t have to pay to use the toilet, when suddenly there was a fighter jet outside the window and the next thing we know we’ve landed in Belarus.

“After the police stormed the plane and removed the ‘security concern’ that looked suspiciously like an innocent bloke rather than the bomb they initially said it was, we took off again and finally made it to our destination, albeit seven hours later than planned.”

She went on, “And then today I checked my credit card and an extra thirty five Euros had been taken to cover the admin associated with a hijack that I had not booked in advance. It’s so unfair, we didn’t even make it into the duty free at the airport.”

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Ryanair spokesperson Simon Williams told us, “Passengers can’t just expect to go and see another country for free, and nor should they.

“In fact, thirty-five Euros is considerably less than if the passengers had booked two seperate flights, one to Belarus and then another to Lithuania, so I don’t know why they’re complaining.

“And that’s fifty Euros you owe me for this interview, thanks.”