Man who built a bar in his garden goes almost two full hours without mentioning the bar in his garden

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A man who built a new bar to go at the back of his garden has gone almost two full hours today without actually mentioning the new bar at the back of his garden.

Simon Williams, who built his new bar during lockdown realised he hadn’t told anyone about his new bar for a while after spotting another person’s bar on Facebook earlier today.

Speaking earlier he told us “Yeah, got a bar in my garden. Just sayin’.

“Everyone is getting all excited about being allowed to go to the pub, but I’ve already been going for the last five weeks, in my garden, because I’ve got a bar there.

“I’ll show you if you want. I did it myself it was easy. If you know about building bars, which I do, because I’ve got one, in my garden.

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“I can’t understand anyone who hasn’t considered getting one to be honest it’s absolutely brilliant, so I’ve told everyone I know, quite a few times.

“I can just go outside and have a can of beer which I bring from the fridge in my kitchen, and drink it at my bar outside whenever I want it’s amazing.

“All my friends are well jealous, they think it’s absolutely brilliant.”

Asked if he’s had any people around yet for a drink at his new bar he told us, “No. They’re all at the pub”

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