Twitter controversy after man logs on to Twitter to announce he will not be on Twitter

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There was a storm on Twitter after Chelmsford man Simon Williams alerted fellow users that he would not be on Twitter by logging on to Twitter and tweeting that he wouldn’t be on Twitter.

“Busy day, so won’t be on Twitter today folks. Keep it real,” wrote Mr Williams at 7am in the morning.

However, many took issue with his claim that he won’t be on Twitter as he clearly was on Twitter or he wouldn’t have been able to send the tweet stating that he wouldn’t be on Twitter.

“Fair point, I won’t be on Twitter after this, then,” conceded Mr Williams in a later Tweet.

But, for many, that only compounded the problem as the second tweet proved that, not only had he logged on to Twitter to send the first Tweet but had remained on Twitter to send the second tweet.

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“This is just bullshit, you’ve lied, and you shouldn’t be able to get away with it. Reported. Fake news,” wrote one offended Twitter user.

Mr Williams tried to limit the growing storm by deleting his earlier tweets but unfortunately, another Twitter user had managed to take a screenshot of the offending message and tweeted it with the following message.

“Get a load of this guy. Says he won’t be tweeting today. Well, how did he tweet that then? What a c**ksucking sh*tbag m****rfucker.”

The screenshot tweet gathered momentum and by lunchtime, had been retweeted over sixty thousand times alongside condemnation from The Rock and Bucks Fizz’s Jay Aston.

Former minister Damian Green tweeted a video about the offending tweet.

“This sort of hypocrisy makes me sick to the core,” he said, “It is everything that is wrong with today’s Britain.”

Mr Williams’s account has since been suspended and the police have a warrant out for his arrest.