Man who goes driving to test his eyesight calls government competence into question

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Dominic Cummings, a man famous for testing his eyesight by taking a lovely drive with the family in the car, has questioned the competence of government officials in handling the coronavirus crisis.

Cummings, who took to Twitter today in a lengthy tirade against his former colleagues, insisted that lockdown could potentially have been avoided altogether if the government had demonstrated some of his own trademark ‘competence’.

Political analyst Simon Williams told us, “Clearly Dominic Cummings feels that government made bad decisions, decisions that were made while he was there in the room no doubt telling everyone that they were wrong.

“Track and trace was a demonstrable disaster, so they clearly needed to listen to someone with a track record of testing things using the most dangerous technique possible.

“Perhaps when Cummings says their decisions demonstrated a lack of ‘competence’ he means the government should have been testing people for coronavirus by licking everyone arriving at the nation’s airports?

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“Or anyone feeling ill should have been told to cough into the mouths of everyone they know?”

Meanwhile, experts are predicting that the government will easily brush off what should be considered a damning indictment of their ability to handle a crisis, because that’s just what happens now.

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