Decent journalists don’t trick people into interviews, say people involved in hacking dead schoolgirl’s phone

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Britons are delighted to be told by an assortment of racists-for-hire, phone hackers, blackmailers, stalkers and creeps who publish long-range lens bikini shots with the title “all grown up”, that the shady actions of one journalist decades ago should be the end of the BBC.

Simon Williams, a completely real person and not a caricature of a working-class tabloid reader that exists only in the mind of the public-school educated editorial staff of Fleet Street, said he was disgusted at the BBC and not at all concerned about who’s putting it under fire.

He went on, “Of course I’m furious at the BBC for an interview I barely remember. And what’s more, I will certainly not look at the track record of those feeding this outrage frenzy.

“If people who made money by hacking Millie Dowler’s phone and giving her parents false hope by deleting voice messages tell me Martin Bashir is scum, then I will nod along like that toy bulldog from the Churchill adverts.

“And I certainly won’t point out that Bashir’s forgeries and lies are child’s play compared to those of current Sun on Sunday employee Mazher Mahmood, the ‘Fake Sheikh’ who also went after royals and did a 15-month stretch for perverting the course of justice.”

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Mr Williams also pointed out that it was not just News Corps outlets that were covering the Martin Bashir scandal.

“I mean, there’s also Hitler’s favourite British newspaper, the Daily Mail. Yes, that would be the same Daily Mail that just today got condemned to award huge damages for doxxing a rape victim.

“Who wouldn’t I trust such a lovely bunch of people?”