Tabloids outraged at the BBC for copying their business model of ‘making stuff up for a story’

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The nation’s tabloids have today expressed outrage that the BBC fabricated evidence in an attempt to secure a news story, insisting the national broadcaster does not have the remit to encroach on their turf.

As the national broadcaster is widely criticised for its role in the Martin Bashir interview of Princess Diana,, tabloids including the Daily Express have expressed their fury that they didn’t think to do it first.

Deputy Editor of the Daily Express, Simon Williams, told us, “We have spent generations making up stuff in order to create a national debate around the royal family, so to have the BBC doing it is disgusting.

“We have newspapers to sell and a paper-buying audience to titillate, what’s their excuse?

“I mean, yes, this is one big incident from 25 years ago, and we make stuff up on a daily basis, but I still think we should all focus on how awful the BBC is, and instead choose our own editorial stance as the biggest influence on the nation’s moral compass.

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“I think the way the BBC manipulated the facts to alter the perception of Diana in the public eye is disgusting and very very different to all the Diana stuff we published at the time, including all the long-lens photos and suggestions that her new boyfriend was shit in bed.

“I can only hope the BBC has learned its lesson and will step back from its royal coverage, leaving us in peace to focus on trying to destroy Meghan, who we will obviously hail as a saint and victim of the ‘firm’ should anything bad happen to her.”

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