Can BBC take blame for MY deceitful interview? asks confused Prince Andrew

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After Martin Bashir’s interview with Diana was found to be based on outrageous lies, Prince Andrew wonders if his own deceitful interview can also be blamed on the BBC.

Both Martin Bashir’s interview with Diana and Emily Maitlis’ interview with Prince Andrew were built on a bedrock of falsehoods and made up stories.

A confused Prince Andrew is feeling somewhat relieved now that this sort of thing appears to be all the BBC’s fault.

“This report makes it abundantly clear that any tall tales I may or may not have told are entirely due to a scandalous BBC cover-up,” said Andrew, who may or may not be a nonce.

“I mean, all that guff about not being able to sweat! Tony Hall was Director General at the time and he should feel utterly ashamed of himself. Presenting such nonsense as fact to licence fee payers on a flagship news programme – I’m not surprised he’s now jumped ship.

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“As for Pizza Express in Woking – I’m frankly amazed that particular yarn didn’t spawn an entire industry of jokes and satirical articles.

“Gosh, I’m just so relieved that none of this is my fault and that I’ll never get convicted for crimes I, er, didn’t do.

“Look, there I go again – grr, bloody BBC and its awful culture of deception!

“Anyway, I shall be referring the BBC to the FBI. Not that those cowards will have the courage to go in for questioning!

“Not like me – I was in the Falklands, you know…”