Israel insists it has right to defend itself after destroying building that was source of damning TripAdvisor review

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Israel has defended its bombing of an entire building in Palestine, insisting it was entirely proportionate given the building was the source of a completely unprovoked and highly damning TripAdvisor review on the state of Israel.

An IDF spokesperson explained that intelligence sources had confirmed the building was the source of the review, which gave an Israeli hotel resort in Tel-Aviv only one star, describing it as ‘miserable’.

They went on, “Israel can not stand idly by while our nation is attacked by people who deny our right to exist as a premium Mediterranean resort destination.

“It is easy for those who criticise us to point to TripAdvisor’s dispute resolution process, and to insist that a peaceful outcome is always possible, but we have learned over many years that if Israel does not robustly defend itself from attacks, then more attacks will be forthcoming.

“It is a one-star review for the Intercontinental in Tel-Aviv today, but if we let that go what is next? A scathing review of Meridian beach in Haifa? Or even the Baha’i Gardens themselves?

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“No, will not rest until the threat to our nation has been ended, no matter how many buildings we must destroy.

“Everyone in that building knew the risks they were taking when sharing it with people who could use TripAdvisor against us.  That is on them, not us.”

Meanwhile, the IDF has refused to comment on the news that it has plans to launch a nuclear attack against that guy that looked at it funny in the bar that one time.

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