Ireland genuinely considering ‘My Lovely Horse’ as Eurovision entry after missing out on final yet again

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Ireland is genuinely considering ‘My Lovely Horse’ as its next entry for the Eurovision Song contest after failing to reach the final once again this year.

With the most successful nation in the competition’s history now failing to reach six out of the last seven finals, sources in Ireland have revealed that plans are already in place to use the Father Ted classic ‘My Lovely Horse’ in a desperate attempt to regain their Eurovision crown next year.

Creative director Sean Williams revealed, “We’re running out of ideas now to be honest, so we may as well give it a try.

“We just can’t get into the final no matter what we do these days and it’s starting to get a bit desperate now, so we’re going back to basics.

“Everyone loves ‘My Lovely Horse’ it’s a great song, and it really captures the imagination, and we can’t think of anything else.

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“We are actually just going to copy the original one from the Song for Europe episode because it was so good. As long as we get the key change bit right in the middle, I genuinely think we’ve cracked it.

“You saw how well Father Ted and Dougal did with it and they had hardly practiced, so if we can do even half as good as the boys then we’ll be more than happy.”

Asked who will be performing the song now that Father Ted is dead we were told “Feck”.

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