Considerate Glaswegians provide nation with two different types of mob/crowd to be outraged about

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The cultural powerhouse of Glasgow has kindly ensured Brits of all persuasions can indulge in their favourite hobby of hating whoever’s in the news, whether it be ‘woke do-gooders’ weakening our borders, or ‘sectarian footie yobs’ shaming us with their rabid nationalism.

Simon Williams, a Lib-Dem activist from Reading with EU flags on all his social media profiles, said that it was very considerate of Glasgow to allow him to both lavish praise on the tolerant heroes of Pollokshields and then hold baying Rangers fans in utter contempt.

“It was fantastic. First I got a massive rush tweeting #solidarity to the brave residents of Glasgow who took a stand against this vile fascist government and showed the world what a welcoming place Scotland was.

“And then I got to be furious at other Glaswegians for chanting oddly antiquated but still hateful songs about Catholics.

“Those weegies are pure braw! And I’m allowed to say that because I got my Masters at St Andrews.”

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On the other side of the political spectrum, Darren Tinnock, a Daily Express reader who uses a flag-bedecked mobility scooter to ‘protect’ statues, was also delighted that not one, but two mass gatherings allowed him to confirm his blinkered world view.

“Those were some shameful scenes. PC lefties stopping the deportation of someone who’s probably in ISIS. They just told the world what a soft touch we are.”

“But I loved those Rangers lads having a proper laugh in George’s Square. Lots of shouting, ineptly flailing fists, Union jacks and skanky women pissing behind skips.

“It was just like my son’s wedding.”

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