Friday 14 May 2021 by Arabin Patson

Tweeting about deporting Home Secretary so much worse than actually deporting people, insist f*ckwits

Angry about Priti Patel Tweet

Irredeemable drongs are twirling like obese rage dervishes because a union leader called for the removal of a phenomenally cruel Home Minister who literally put people in prison camps for being foreign but who also happens to be of Asian background.

Simon Williams, a windowlicker from Daventry whose passport is routinely confiscated when England plays abroad, was giddy with a mixture of impotent fury and poorly concealed delight that someone on the left had messed up and came across as racist.

He went on. “See! See! It’s not us patriots who are racist it’s the woke liberals.

“Priti’s a Paki or something – and that’s not racist because it’s like calling me a Brit – so if you criticise her then you’re the one who should be done for racially aggravated harassment. Unlike some poor sods who were stitched up by the filth and the walls of the mosque are on the street so it’s free speech anyway.

“But now we see the real face of the intolerant left. They are very quick to cry racism when Tories deport British citizens just for being black and having visited Jamaica. But where are they when the real hatred begins?

“Why won’t the BBC and the Guardian do special investigations on the clumsy social media post of some unknown union flunky stupid enough to fall into the obvious trap set by the Tories when they chose an Asian woman to run their pogroms.”

Ms Patel has yet to comment publicly on the event. However, sources inside the Home Office confirmed that Ms Patel was so upset at being singled out for her ethnicity that she had to order the deportation of eight gay rights activists to Saudi Arabia just to calm down.

Does Priti Patel make it in the Cabinet of Arseholes? Find out HERE!

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