Friday 14 May 2021 by Davywavy

Bitcoin buyers lose a fortune after being scammed by both real and fake Elon Musks

Elon Musk on Bitcoin

It is now impossible to tell the difference between Elon Musk’s Twitter account and bitcoin scammers pretending to be Elon Musk’s Twitter account, according to reports today.

Musk – a figure believed to be him but who can tell these days – pulled a spectacular rug pull on his followers by ramping up cryptocurrencies for months before suddenly announcing he thinks they’re rubbish and he won’t be using them.

Many online supporters of Musk have been left confused and wondering if the techno entrepreneur is real at all, and not some guy in an Internet cafe in Nairobi.

“I saw some Tweets from a guy who looked like Elon encouraging me to buy cryptocurrency so I piled in and promptly lost a stack of my money,” said BTC HODLer Simon Williams.

“The problem is I have no way of knowing whether it was Elon or a bunch of guffawing fraudsters in Nigeria. The outcome is identical.

“I spent all my mortgage money on Bitcoin and Dogecoin last month,” he added.

“They’ll come back in price. You’ll see. You’ll see.”

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