Hartlepool residents angry at Labour for way Boris Johnson’s Caribbean holiday was funded

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The people of Hartlepool are absolutely livid at the way Labour made Boris Johnson take a bung from a businessman.

Another day, another story suggesting the Conservative Government is riddled with corruption and cronyism.

Why exactly did the Prime Minister receive £15k worth of luxury holiday accommodation from one of the founders of Carphone Warehouse?

Hartlepool residents have the answer.

“It’s obviously because of Labour,” said Hartlepudlian Simon Williams. “And that’s why we’ve had enough of them.

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“For too long they’ve taken the people of this town for granted. Have we been sent on holiday to Mustique? No we bloody haven’t!

“Last week it was an expensive Downing Street flat refurb. Before that, it was taxpayer money being pissed away on a new briefing room – did Keir Starmer really think we wouldn’t notice? That we’d just mindlessly vote Labour in this ‘safe seat’ because we always have done?

“And Angela Rayner can talk all she wants about delivering public services in the public interest but how come Boris offers contracts and tax breaks to mates who drop him a quick text? She’s a bloody hypocrite!

“I mean, all those kids Boris has fathered – it’s like Labour want to rub our faces in the void left by the maternity services they’ve closed since losing power!

“As for that big red bus – clearly Labour colours – that went around promising £350m investment every week in the NHS…well, I’m beginning to suspect that was just a lie. Typical Labour.

“I’m sorry Labour, but it’s time for a change.”

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