Government insists Voter ID law is necessary to tackle the threat of mass voting

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Britons having to show photo ID to vote in future general elections is a way of avoiding the disturbing prospect of all eligible voters voting, regardless of their socio-economic group, it has been reported.

The proposal is set to be included in this week’s Queen’s speech setting out the government’s policy platform, which is also alleged to include a firm legal commitment that the NHS will not be sold off to any private health companies that are not American.

Government spokesperson, Simon Williams said, “Without applying conditions with which a large section of society will find it hard to comply, we are at risk of seeing voting on a much wider scale in the future, particularly amongst the lower socio-economic groups.

“We only need to look across the pond to see similar measures being proposed, which many believe will disenfranchise a whole generation of voters, so can only be seen by any right-minded person as totally acceptable and a necessary course of action for any forward-thinking democracies.

“Critics may say that this a cynical attempt by the government to target people not inclined to vote for us, but our recent election successes show we are more popular than ever, even amongst the people we’re actively punishing.

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“This is of course why doing it now, so it looks less like the blatant voter suppression that it definitely isn’t.

“Sorry? Are we just shoring up future election victories for when Brexit has gone to shit and the current opposition manages to exit its current revolving door of self-harm? Oh, dear. Now you’re just sounding a bit Carole Cadwalladr, aren’t you?

“Look, we firmly believe that those voters who are less likely to have photo IDs, namely young people and those from deprived backgrounds and ethnic communities will definitely want to vote for us in the future.

“They just won’t have the ability to do so, but that is just the necessary price to protect our kind of democracy.”