Ryan Giggs cleared of assault after brother Rhodri provides flawless character reference and alibi

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Former Manchester United footballer Ryan Giggs has been cleared of assault today following a dramatic late statement from his brother Rhodri providing both an alibi and flawless character reference for the star.

With Wales manager and all round good guy Giggs arriving at court to face charges of actual bodily harm to a woman and common assault, the case was dramatically thrown out following an emotional plea from the stars brother and best friend.

A relieved Rhodri told us earlier, “I’m so happy. Not for me, for Ryan, he’s such a great bloke.

“I couldn’t just stand by and watch him suffer in court for these allegations, which, given Ryan’s character, and general behavior over the years against family members and women in general are just ludicrous.

“Ryan would never treat a woman badly, never. In fact he is the most loyal and caring person I have ever met, and that’s what I told the court.

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“He was also with me at the time, so he couldn’t have done it, we’re inseparable actually, we hang out all the time, talking about old times… you know stuff like that.

“I’m just glad that all this has been cleared up and he can get on with his life of being a great all round fella, and my bestest bestest friend.”