Monday 26 April 2021 by Lucas Wilde

Drowning Pool sue Boris Johnson for ripping off “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor”

Drowning Pool

Boris Johnson is facing a lawsuit from early noughties rock band, Drowning Pool.

Following revelations that the Prime Minister may have said “let the bodies pile high” when asked what he thought about a third lockdown, lawyers for the band leapt into action.

“That was actually an alternative title for the track” confirmed solicitor, Simon Williams.

“My clients never thought that their little ditty would form any part of British government policy, but here we are.”

“We are asking the Prime Minister of Great Britain to cease and desist all allusions to letting bodies hit the floor, pile high or to basically do anything at all.”

“I must say, Mr. Johnson is keeping me terribly busy on behalf of my early noughties, nu-metal clients.”

“I am filing similar lawsuits on behalf of Limp Bizkit after the Prime Minister suggested the economy must “keep on rolling”.”

“Furthermore, Disturbed are suing as they feel the early Conservative policy of herd immunity is basically the opening verse of “Down with the Sickness” and Spineshank are confident that the Prime Minister has used the phrase “New Disease” a number of times without their prior consent.”

“…oh blimey, now Korn are on the phone. Excuse me.”

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