Lockdown protester refusing to wear face mask will be quite happy wearing one in intensive care next month

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It has been revealed that a man refusing to wear a face mask or any form of face-covering at protests in London yesterday will actually be quite happy to wear a full mask covering his entire face after he arrives in his intensive care bed next month.

As protests continue in London against lockdown restrictions that are ending in 51 days anyway, thousands of idiots have taken to the streets saying they will not be made to wear a mask, until it is actually breathing for them and keeping them alive in hospital for weeks on end.

Protester Derek Williams from Basingstoke told us, “I won’t wear one of those stupid face masks that stop me breathing properly, it’s against my human rights as a proud Brit and mouth breather!

“I’ve got the right to out and about breathing on anyone I like without some mask on my face, and I will fight to the death to do so.

“Well, not quite to the death. I’ll fight until I’m so weak and ill that I’m hospitalised with an entirely preventable disease.

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“I guess at that point my doctor in the ICU will tell me that I am going to have to wear a quite large mask over my entire face for the next two or three weeks, or I will die.

“I won’t mind wearing that one, it’s actually a very nice mask. We should listen to those experts, obviously.”

Asked if he might be able to avoid finding himself in such a position by wearing a face mask and avoid crowds now, he told us, “It’s my right as a free citizen to go maskless and gather in huge crowds, and it’s your responsibility to deal with the fallout. So deal with it.”