‘We shouldn’t have to work today, it’s a disgrace’ says man sat in garden occasionally moving his laptop mouse

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A man has declared that we should not have to work today and it should be declared a bank holiday, whilst sat in his garden in the sunshine occasionally moving the mouse on his laptop.

Simon Williams, who has been ‘working’ at home for 11 months, made the announcement earlier as he settled back down in his seat in the garden after grabbing himself a cold drink.

“We shouldn’t have to work today it’s a joke,” he told us whilst applying sun cream earlier.

“It’s fucking St George’s Day for God sake, we should be given the day off to celebrate, or to relax in the garden, without having to send the odd email to pretend to your boss that you’re working.

“Every other country in the world has a day off to celebrate their patron saint, probably, and we should be the same, instead of having to sit here all day moving the mouse on my laptop just to show that I’m here.

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“I even had to take a call earlier, when I shouldn’t even be working at all. Granted it wasn’t for me and I just fobbed it off as quickly as I could, but still, it’s the hassle of it all, isn’t it?

“I just don’t think it’s treating workers correctly, making them work when we should be spending time being patriotic. It’s just not fair.

“In fact, I’m going to have a Carling for St George, sod it, I’ve not stopped all day.”