‘We have no idea what you’re talking about’, say all six clubs

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The so-called ‘big six’ Premier League clubs have denied any knowledge today of ever being involved in any so-called European Breakaway Super League.

With news emerging overnight of the collapse of the controversial league just 48 hours after it was announced, representatives from all six Premiership clubs involved have revealed today that actually had no involvement whatsoever with the highly unpopular proposals.

Manchester City Spokesman Paul Quirk revealed, “What are you even talking about? A Super What? Nope. You’ve lost me mate.”

Chelsea followed shortly after to confirm, “We have not, and would not ever, consider such disgraceful proposals, which are solely based on greed, which we are dead against, obviously.”

Manchester Utd Chief press officer Paul Kennedy confirmed, “Are you making this up? As if? We’ve never considered such a preposterous idea. Never.”

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Arsenal followed suit by announcing that they had only actually heard of the proposals this morning, and someone must have forged their signature on any documents submitted.

“It’s a forgery,” they announced.

Liverpool spokesman Daniel Marsden confirmed, “Yes we signed up for something, but we thought it was just wind up, you know like on Ant and Dec, we were never ACTUALLY going to do it, honest.”

Finally, Spurs Chairman Daniel Levy confirmed this morning “We are considered a top six club. Woohooooooo!”