Livid James Dyson orders PM to scrap £2.6m briefing room after spotting a Henry Hoover in the corner

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A furious James Dyson is behind the move by Boris Johnson to scrap his £2.6m Downing Street briefing room, it has emerged.

The government announced yesterday that it would be scrapping the ‘US style’ TV briefing room on which it spent £2.6m of taxpayer money to build, prompting many to question why the vanity project was being shelved so soon after it had been finished.

A civil servant within Downing Street who did not wish to be named, told us, “Boris received a very angry text message on his personal phone yesterday from James Dyson, who apparently had only just seen that photo of the briefing room shortly after it was completed, in which a Henry Hoover could be seen in the corner.

“It appears that Sir James had taken the presence of a Henry Hoover in a government building as a personal affront to the close ties between the Tories and the British vacuum firm, which had only recently and very patriotically relocated its headquarters to Singapore.”

He went on, “Boris immediately texted back apologising profusely for the error, and promised that the whole thing would be scrapped by way of apology to James Dyson and his fine, upstanding British firm, which in no way receives preferential treatment from the government.”

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Labour spokesperson Simon Williams responded, “Once again we see the government wasting taxpayer’s money on pointless, self-satisfying endeavours.

“But enough about Jennifer Arcuri; now we have this monumental waste of money on the TV briefing room.

“Boris must be gutted he didn’t even get to shag it after spending all that public money on it.”