C*nts unhappy with Chauvin verdict, it emerges

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In a stunning turn of events, the USA’s vast industry of race-baiting grifters, bigoted malcontents, money-grubbing hatemongers and opportunistic wankers are none too happy that a cop finally got convicted for murdering a black man.

Brock Williams, a Fox News pundit and the result of the unholy union between a Klan wizard and a smear of turtle shit, was one of many scumbags to have a whinge about an eminently correct verdict that he would have supported wholeheartedly if the victim had been white.

“As every decent person on the planet held their breath in case the jury members decided they wanted to start riots around the globe, I preferred instead to prepare a diatribe claiming that someone who slowly choked a human being to death is a victim of PC culture.

“Instead of hoping this is the beginning of the end of unaccountability for racially motivated police brutality, I would rather inflame the misguided sense of grievance of morbidly obese mouthbreathers in Nebraska.

“The truth is that I am rather dimwitted, despite my shockingly expensive education, so instead of using my privileged position to investigate systemic social ills, I simply stoke the fears of ignorant frightened white people.”

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Mr Williams explained that he had no intention of considering the impact of his trade on maintaining racial divisions that should have died out along with steam engines.

“It’s easy work, and I get a buzz when people who scare me like bikers or Cubans want to take a selfie with me.

“Plus I work for Murdoch so I have a line to follow. I need his clout to quash cocaine possession charges and to buy the silence of teenage prostitutes.

“Hey, if you party with Matt Gaetz you party like Matt Gaetz.”