Monday 19 April 2021 by Mark Molloy

Football fans outraged at plans for European Super League of Europe’s top clubs (and Spurs)

Angry Football fan

Football fans across the country have reacted in shock and disbelief today at the news that Tottenham Hotspur has been described as a ‘big 6 club’ in Europe.

With news of a controversial European break-away Super League announced last night, involving Europe’s elite clubs, millions of fans across Europe have expressed utter shock and confusion today at the news, that Spurs is somehow classed as one of the elite clubs on the continent.

Manchester United fan Simon Williams, from London, revealed “Tottenham, a big six club? Are you taking the piss? Half the time they don’t even qualify for the Champions League, never mind giving them a free pass to the Super League.

“Listen, I’m not happy about the whole thing to start with, I think it’s an utter disgrace, but if you are going to choose the elite clubs of Europe to join a breakaway league, then choosing a team 7th in the Premier League who haven’t won a fucking thing for years is surely downright stupid.

“I mean, they may as well choose Fulham, or Crystal frigging Palace, it makes absolutely no sense at all.

“Sure, Tottenham have got to a final quite recently, and yes they have a nice ground, but it doesn’t alter the fact that they are essentially just… well, shit.”

Asked if he will go to Old Trafford to watch Man Utd when they enter the league themselves we were told, “Where is Old Trafford?”

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