Land Rover hearse carrying Prince Philip honours passenger by crashing into three cars on way to funeral

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Prince Philip has been transported in death as he drove in life; by colliding with two parked cars and then having a minor prang at a roundabout.

As the modified Land Rover slash hearse set off for the chapel within Windsor Castle, it scraped two vehicles before crashing into another, which is doubtless what Prince Philip would have wanted.

Driver Simon Williams told us, “I tried my hardest to drive safely, but it’s almost like the vehicle suddenly became possessed by an immortal spirit that took control of the wheel and drove us into those vehicles.

“Fortunately, the cars were owned by mere subjects of the Crown, not landed gentry, so we were under no obligation to stop and exchange insurance details.”

He went on, “Prince Philip spent sixteen years personally modifying the vehicle and on more than one occasion I saw him performing some sort of unholy ritual over it, but I’m sure that’s got nothing to do with what happened this morning.”

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The Land Rover was then spotted sidling up to some attractive women lining the procession route and winking a headlight suggestively.