Thursday 15 April 2021 by Mark Molloy

US police to be issued mandatory pictures of guns, in order to check what they are actually holding

Police to carry pictures of taser and guns

Police officers in the US are to be provided with mandatory pictures of handguns to keep in their vehicles to enable them to double check what they are actually holding in their hand at any given time.

With the recent killing of another unarmed black man at the hands of the police in America, by an officer who did not realise she was holding an actual gun, senior officials have revealed that pictures and photographs of handguns will now be provided to all officers to avoid any further confusion.

Sheriff Chuck Williams revealed, “Yeah, it’s real tricky to work out what you’re actually holding in your hand sometimes.

“Especially when you point it at someone in a car and pull the trigger killing them.

“That’s why we will now be providing all officers with a large picture of a handgun and two separate photographs to refer to every time they are confused, so they know with confidence what they are reaching for when they decide to shoot an unarmed person.

“This will give the officers a much-needed referral point to check what they are holding in their hand, against a picture of a real-life gun, and hopefully avoid any more unfortunate mishaps involving the killing of an unarmed black man.”

Asked if they will also be providing pictures of a big yellow taser, to highlight the obvious difference to a gun we were advised, “No no no, that will just confuse the fuck out of them.”

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