Boots ‘mix and match’ vaccine gift sets to be ready for Christmas

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Boots will be offering ‘mix and match’ vaccine gift sets just in time for Christmas it is revealed today.

With news emerging today of further trials to mix up different types of the vaccine for first and second doses of the jab, Boots the chemist will be looking to pounce on the idea as part of their popular ‘mix and match’ range of Christmas gifts for desperate last-minute shoppers.

Head of marketing at Boots Simon Williams revealed “We are all over this one, mix and match vaccines, it’s perfect for us.

“Everyone knows that we are the kings of the mix and match gift sets at Christmas, so something like this is just too good to pass by.

“That’s why we will be offering some lovely vaccine gift sets with all your favourite doses, along with our usual array of slightly overpriced beauty products just because they are in a gift box.

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“Obviously the Pfizer and Moderna set will be the most expensive because we can convince people they don’t give you blood clots, but we will have a number of combinations available, for all of our festive shoppers.”

Asked when these Christmas offers will actually go on sale we were told, “Probably early September as usual, maybe even August this year, you know, to corner the market.”