Man excited, motivated and finally ready to return to the gym, but not on a Monday though, obviously

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A man is extremely excited, highly motivated and finally ready to return to the gym it is revealed today, although not on a Monday though obviously.

Simon Williams, who hasn’t managed to attend his local gym since about 7 months before it last closed for lockdown revealed his excitement earlier, whilst getting all his gear out ready to finally hit the treadmill, in a few days, when it all calms down.

Speaking earlier, from his sofa, he revealed, “I cannot wait to hit that gym. I’ve missed it so much.

“I just need to get back in there and get right back in the zone with my workouts. Not on a Monday though, obviously. You’ve got to ease yourself into these things.

“Everyone knows that Mondays are shit, and no-one can be arsed to do anything.

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“Plus it will be really busy today with all the part-timers wanting to come back, so I’m best off leaving it for a few days actually, you know to let it all calm down.

“Also, I’m still mourning, because of the Prince. So I don’t think it would be right to do a work out anyway. Out of respect.

“But as soon as I get in there I am going to absolutely smash it with some high-intensity workouts and really get back into shape.

“From Thursday maybe. Or possibly next week.”