Meghan Markle claims Prince Philip had a small private burial three days ago

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Meghan Markle has shocked royal watchers across the world, after telling her good friend Oprah that Prince Philip was actually buried in a small private burial three days ago.

As large chunks of the nation continue to mourn the loss of Prince Philip, many have been left bereft at the news that he was actually buried on Tuesday.

“I attended a small, private, burial ceremony with just the duke of Edinburgh and myself on Tuesday,” Meghan Markle has claimed in another interview with Oprah Winfrey.

“The public funeral will be for everyone else out there, obviously, with all the pomp and ceremony you would expect – but we wanted something private, just for us.

“So we decided to have that little ceremony, in private, in our back garden. It was lovely, we said some nice things about Prince Philip and then we put the box in the ground and then went inside and made a lasagne.”

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A spokesperson for the Palace has been quick to issue a statement that this was just a ‘symbolic’ funeral, and was in no way an official or legally binding event, explaining that the official funeral will obviously be the one in the coming days in the UK.

The statement went on to add, “We don’t know what – or who – she buried in her garden there days ago, but it wasn’t Prince Philip.

“In fact, if local law enforcement wants to start digging around in her garden to get to the truth of the matter, then that’s entirely up to them.”