Friday 9 April 2021 by Neil Tollfree

Country united in beautiful moment of shared grief because there isn’t much else to do

Shared grief

The population has come together in a touching and beautiful moment of shared grief because, to be honest, there isn’t much else to do.

“All I had planned for the afternoon was cleaning out the shed,” said Simon Williams, a shed enthusiast from Croydon.

“So, if everyone is up for coming together in a beautiful moment of shared grief that unites us across class and region then, yeah, why not, eh? I’m in. I can always clean out the shed tomorrow.”

Eleanor Gay is a moth wrangler from Chelmsford.

“Oh yes, I am so up for being all united in grief with everyone,” she said, clearly relishing the prospect.

“I mean, it’s just been so boring over the last year or so. Coming together as a country to remember such an incredible life is going to be so much better watching Maid in Manhattan on ITV4 again this afternoon.

“Will there be wine, do you think? There should be wine.”

It is thought that the beautiful moment of shared grief will last until well into this evening and will slowly start to fade as thoughts begin to turn to whether or not we get a day off for this one or not.

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