Perseverance rover devastated as first selfie gets only 17 likes

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Nasa’s Perseverance rover has suffered a major dent in its confidence today following news that the first selfie taken by the craft received only 17 likes on Instagram within the first 2 hours of posting.

As images of the rover reached Earth earlier today, with Perseverance posing naked alongside its mini helicopter in a staged selfie taken by the vehicle, an excited Perseverance sat back on its phone and just waited for the likes to roll in.

“Seventeen? Is that it? Fucking gutted man, that’s really disappointing.

“This has done my confidence no good at all I can tell you. I just feel like I shouldn’t have bothered now, I feel really ugly”

“I just wanted to take a little selfie and show it to the world, you know, like everyone else does when they go away on holiday.

“I built myself up for it and found a really nice angle from above, so I didn’t look too fat, and I actually thought I looked alright, you know? For me, anyway.

“And now I just feel silly, and want to take it down, but people will notice and it will make it even worse.

“I haven’t looked for 20 minutes actually in the hope that the likes will go up.

“..oh… 19. That’s not good.”