Man furious as wife leaves toilet seat down AGAIN after using the toilet

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A man is furious today after finding his wife had left the toilet seat down in the bathroom yet again after using the toilet.

49-year-old Simon Williams from Bolton, who had to lift up seat once again to urinate, discovered the issue after waking at 4.20am to have his regular 3rd wee of the night.

Speaking earlier he revealed, “She left it down again. Every. Fucking. Time.

“Look, it’s not too much to ask, to just leave the toilet how you found it, and put the seat back up ready for use again, just how it should be.

“But every time I get in there to go for a piss, the seat is bleeding DOWN. Like she doesn’t give a shit. She just leaves it there after she’s used it, waiting for ME to lift it up again.

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“It’s getting a bit annoying to be honest, I’m kind of sick of telling her. Apart from when I need a shit, then I just let it go.”

Asked if perhaps he should put the seat down after he has used it himself. as that’s the way it should actually be left, he told us, “Should it fuck. You sound just like her. Bone idle.”