Keir Starmer to win back support of the people of Liverpool by handing out free copies of The Sun

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Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has vowed to win back the support of the people of Liverpool today, by handing out free copies of The Sun newspaper.

With the leader of the Labour Party set to back plans for a Tory takeover of Liverpool this week, in a decision sure to delight the residents of the city, Labour will look to immediately combat the expected backlash of anger at the move by giving every single person in Liverpool their own free copy of The Sun.

Speaking earlier today he told us, “It’s not a popular decision siding with the Tories I’ll grant you that.

“Obviously the locals in Liverpool, who we haven’t actually had to visit since 1982 or something because it’s such a sure-fire Labour seat, won’t be very happy because they are not very fond of the Conservative Party, so I hear.

“So we’ve decided to cheer up the whole city, and win back some support by walking around giving everybody a FREE copy of the nation’s favourite newspaper!

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“I came up with the idea myself, as I just feel that I really get the people of Liverpool and know exactly what they want.

“Obviously I know that backing a move to allow a Tory government to come in and run the city makes us about as welcome as a punch in the throat, so I really needed to do something that I know the city will love, to show that I understand them.

“That’s why I will be standing at Lime Street station today handing out thousands of copies of The Sun. And maybe a few Man Utd shirts, too.”