Tradesman admits embarrassing mistake after turning up to customers house exactly when he said he would

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A tradesman has been forced to admit an embarrassing blunder today after he mistakenly turned up to quote work for a customer at exactly the time that he said he would.

Plasterer Simon Williams admitted the error after a series of mix-ups earlier in the day led to him arriving at a customer’s house at the actual time that he should have, as opposed to five hours later, or not at all.

Speaking earlier he told us, “Yeah I completely messed up on my timings and turned up exactly on time.

“Everyone knows that tradesmen are complete liars when it comes to times and dates, and I’m certainly no exception.

“So when I told this lady I would call and do a quote for her at ten-fifteen today, I had no intention of actually turning up.

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“Despite her taking the day off work to wait for me all day.

“But then I got the address confused with another fella I’d been avoiding for a week, and thought I was going to his house to finally start his job.

“I knew I’d made a mistake when she opened the door and said something about me being right on time – because that has literally never happened before.

“Anyway it’s all a bit embarrassing really and I can assure you it won’t be happening again.”

Asked when he will be able to come back and start the job he told us, “Tomorrow, probably. Yeah, definitely tomorrow. Who are you on about by the way?”