Tuesday 23 March 2021

Man who argued sovereignty and independence would be great for UK now insists these things would be bad for Scotland

Old man against Scottish independence

A man who has been arguing since 2015 that the UK would be better off as a sovereign nation independent of any control from a bigger entity, is today insisting that Scotland would be worse off as a sovereign nation and should remain under the control of a bigger entity.

Derek Matthews, a keen supporter of Brexit who has chosen to ignore the many things that are going wrong with it, is now a keen objector to the Scottish independence movement, insisting they don’t know what they’re doing.

“They will struggle and it will be economically damaging, Scotland is absolutely better off inside the union,” he told us.

“However, this is very different to when the Remain campaign said Brexit would leave us struggling and it would be economically damaging and that we would be better off inside the European Union.

“It’s different in many, many ways – which I don’t have the time to go through in detail right now, but the main difference is that I liked the idea of Brexit, and I don’t really like the idea Scottish independence.”

Meanwhile, Remain voter Simon Williams told us, “Personally, I’d prefer Scotland to stay in the union, ‘better together’ and all that.

“But at the same time, I don’t think that in a post-Brexit world we can really deny them the opportunity to go it alone – mainly because I’m not an enormous hypocrite.

“I think Scotland would be wrong to leave, but given we let the UK decide our Brexit fate, I don’t see why Scotland can’t decide its own fate now that the UK they’re currently part of is very different to the one they voted to stay with back in 2014.

“But, if you’re waiting for a nation of Brexit supporters to acknowledge their own hypocrisy, then I’m afraid you’ll have a very long wait indeed.”

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