Tuesday 23 March 2021 by Mark Molloy

Families discover £5k fine for holidaying abroad still cheaper than Center Parcs in August

Family holiday

Incurring a £5k fine for attempting to holiday abroad, along with the cost of the holiday, is still markedly cheaper than having a week at a Center Parcs resort in August it is revealed today.

With government legislation due to come into force next week, which will include a £5,000 fine for anyone in England trying to travel abroad for a holiday, holidaymakers have been left weighing up the costs of incurring the fine, compared to a week at a Center Parcs resort during the school holidays.

Father of three Simon Williams revealed, “I think it’s cheaper to take the fine, to be honest, and that includes an all-inclusive in Turkey for two weeks.

“I’d already looked at Center Parcs a few weeks ago as I thought we might struggle to go abroad, but ruled it out because it would have meant getting a substantial loan against the house to fund it.

“Especially if we wanted to actually do anything when we got there.

“There was one option we could maybe afford – if we sold a car – but it was in November, for three days, with no food or activities included, so we wanted to wait and see.

“Now that the government have said what the fine will be for taking a holiday abroad, I think we may as well just go with that option.

“Once we have taken the flights, hotel, food, excursions and fine into consideration, it’s considerably cheaper than Center Parcs in August.”

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