Monday 22 March 2021 by Mark Molloy

Man demands right to peaceful protest, by smashing up police van and breaking officer’s ribs

Bristol protest clean up

A man has been demanding his right to peaceful protest this weekend, by running around the streets setting fire to police vans, throwing fireworks into crowds and breaking officer’s arms.

Simon Williams, 41, attended a protest on Sunday and proceeded to smash up a police station in order to highlight concerns over his right to protest peacefully in the government’s new ‘Policing Bill’.

Speaking earlier today, he told us, “I just want the right to be able to protest in a respectful and peaceful manner, which is why I brought a bat and started smashing up a police station.

“This Policing bill is taking away our rights to peaceful protest, which is the foundation of a democratic society”

“So the best way to show that these demonstrations SHOULD be allowed, is to have a big protest where we smash up the whole fucking city and set fire to everything we see.

“That way we can highlight the benefits of allowing thousands of people to congregate and demonstrate peacefully together, by randomly attacking police officers and spray painting all their vans and police stations.”

Asked if he feels his actions may now actually play into the hands of the government trying to push the Bill through parliament he told us, “Absolutely not, I think we made our point very well, and if they don’t like it we can STORM THE CAPITOL… or something.”

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