Calls to release Snyder Cut of Brexit

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With the final version of Brexit now seen by most people as disappointing, poorly conceived and nowhere near as good as was initially promised, there are calls to release the Snyder Cut of Brexit to see if that will improve it at all.

Millions of those who witnessed the Brexit saga are hoping that Zack Snyder could take the raw materials and turn the narrative into something much more palatable, in line with the original vision for the story.

“The problem is that Brexit was just cobbled together at the end in order to just get it out there,” explained Simon Williams, Oxford University’s Professor of Messy, Ill-conceived Ideas.

“Zach Snyder is a man of vision and talent, you only need to look at Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole to see that.

“As such, I think the time has come to release his cut of Brexit to see if that’s an improvement on the original.”

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However, there are those who have seen the Snyder Cut of Brexit who caution against its release.

“I don’t know,” explained Eleanor Gay, who received a sneak preview of the Snyder Cut of Brexit.

“Essentially, all it does is double the length of Brexit, and adds lots more swearing and killings. There is a lot more blood.”

Following the momentum around calls to release the Snyder Cut of Brexit, calls are now beginning to emerge demanding the release of the Snyder Cut of the Alex Salmond Inquiry Report, the Snyder Cut of Covid-19 Recovery Strategy and the Snyder Cut of Boris Johnson’s hair.