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NewsThump Appeal: Donate now to help tragic Nicola Sturgeon recover her memory

Nicola Sturgeon memory loss

Tragic Nicola Sturgeon is suffering from one of the worst cases of amnesia in Scottish medical history and we need YOUR help.

50-year-old Nicola had a happy and fulfilling life until the enormous chip on her shoulder struck her on the head, resulting in terrible memory loss which left her uncertain of anything that has happened in the last three years.

“I can’t remember dates, visits by friends, meetings, anything – some days I struggle to remember my own name when asked by a Parliamentary committee,” she told us from the comfort of an undiarised meeting in her own home.

“And there’s this geezer says he’s my husband but I’ve no recollection of him at all, and that goes double for April the 2nd 2018 when I definitely have no idea who he was or what he might have been doing.

“If anyone can remember what I’ve been about for the last few years – especially any witnesses who saw me doing things that don’t involve Alex Salmond or John Swinney – please come forward and help jog my memory.”

Your donation can help!

  • Just £1 will buy a permanent half-inch chisel tip marker pen for redacting evidence
  • A donation of only £512,000 will cover the legal costs paid to Alex Salmond.
  • A standing order of £1,000,000 a month will cover costs in the ongoing case.

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