Four more weeks at home just enough time to watch Snyder cut of Justice League

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With restrictions keeping people at home set to end next month, audiences have just enough time to watch the Snyder cut of Justice League, but only if they start right now.

The film, which was released yesterday, is the directors extended vision and the studio spent an extra seventy million on it – although it’s unclear if that means dollars or minutes.

Viewers at home have been warned that if they don’t get started on watching it right now they won’t have time to finish it before the pubs reopen next month.

“When the original Justice League was released several years ago audiences everywhere agreed that it was almost exactly two hours and three minutes too long,” said movie critic Simon Williams.

“So naturally, immediately after that an Internet campaign was started for a far, far longer version with even worse lighting – and the studio have delivered on that in spades.

“You know how reviews always say ‘Settle back and turn the lights down low’ when in this case the studio and director have done that for you because it takes ages and you can see sod all.

“It’s a masterpiece.”