BBC faces backlash after presenters seen mocking minister’s Queen Elizabeth II RealDoll

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Patriotic viewers have bombarded Ofcom with complaints after BBC Breakfast presenters were seen giggling at Robert Jenrick’s prominent display of a lifelike sex doll made to look like HRH as she was during her Golden Jubillee with 3 vibrating orifices.

Talk Radio DJ and racist walrus impersonator, Simon Williams, urged his many listeners to express their disapproval at what he called “woke elitists at the BBC mocking the hard-working Britons who are proud of their fetish for feudal subservience.”

He went on, “We all know that in Islington or Brighton it’s frightfully naff to tell the world you ejaculate in a silicon mock-up of your monarch but for many of normal people it’s a point of pride.”

“We are sick and tired of being mocked for being unable to sexually perform unless surrounded by nationalist paraphernalia.

“We have had enough of sniggering elites making figures of fun out of people who think marking their devotion to an unelected Head of State should matter more than trying to claim some human dignity.

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“Robert Jenrick’s living room is the same as all the other people who love their country. I too have several Royal themed sex toys that I ask muscular prostitutes to ram through lubed-up mounds of flab. So join me and say it loud: I’m a flag-shagger and I’m proud!”

This is not the first time people have complained about BBC journalists’ condescension towards sexual displays of rabid nationalism.

In January, Emily Maitliss was made to apologise following a Newsnight interview for openly laughing at Michael Gove’s display of Union Jack themed urethral sounders.