Man left ‘utterly devastated’ by Caroline Flack documentary, also happy to continue to call Meghan a horrible lying bitch

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A man who claims he was ‘utterly devastated’ watching the Caroline Flack documentary last night, is surprisingly happy today to continue to call the Duchess of Sussex a fucking lying bitch online, again.

Simon Williams, who is definitely not a bully, revealed the news earlier whilst updating his social media profiles with a picture of Caroline along with #bekind, followed by a rant about ‘stupid American bitches who lie about mental health’.

Speaking earlier today he told us, “I cried and cried last night at that documentary, it was just so sad.

“How anyone could be treated that way, by the press, and the bullies on social media, it’s utterly devastating.

“Apart from that slag Meghan, who I hate by the way, for no reason whatsoever, going on about mental health, what a drama queen, for fuck’s sake.

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“She’s just a horrible person, because it says so in the Daily Mail, and the Sun, and I just wish she would die.

“Piers Morgan said it too, so you know it’s true. I just hate her and Harry, and I need to keep telling them as much as I can online.

“Other than that though, everyone should just be kind, because you just never know what people are going through.

“It’s been such a tough year and we’ve all got to look out for each other.

“Apart from her though, the fucking bitch.”