George Galloway denies being racist by pointing out the many rimjobs he gave to Arab dictators

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After a poorly worded tweet gave the impression he was a white supremacist, the famously loquacious George Galloway asked if a racist would have spent most of the nineties with his tongue firmly up the arse of any Muslim potentate with his own torture dungeon.

On the set of his successful Russia Television op-ed show, Fluffing For Putin, George Galloway fired back at his detractors.

“Craven popinjays like Humza Yousaf dare to call me a racist just because I used the same words to criticise him that would the kind of moron who talks about bloodlines disappearing and can’t show his tattoos in public.

“But I bow to no man when it comes to toadying up to people of all backgrounds who commit crimes against humanity.

“White, black, Muslim or Orthodox. If you’ve murdered your opponents and their families in psychotically cruel ways, then I will lap your arsehole like a cow working a salt-lick block. And everyone knows how good I am at licking.”

Mr Galloway also threatened legal action towards his most prominent critic, but legal experts believe this is unlikely to succeed.

As confirmed Simon Williams QC, an expert in libel law, who explained, “For a defamation suit to succeed, the plaintiff must demonstrate he suffered a loss of reputation as a result of the offending statements. Unfortunately for Mr Galloway, I doubt there is one person in this country that does not already see him as a repugnant attention-seeking grifter.

“He’s basically a Dundonian version of Nigel Farage.”