Facebook memories about to remind you of the moment you stopped being happy

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The Facebook ‘memories’ feature is getting ready to remind everyone of that moment 12 months ago when everyone stopped being happy in life.

With almost a full year since lockdown was imposed forcing people to stay at home and do fuck all, Facebook is about to remind you of that glorious ‘memory’ 1 year ago when everything turned to shit.

41-year-old restaurant manager Simo Williams told us, “I used to quite like Facebook memories actually, but now I’m fucking dreading it.

“I used to enjoy the little stories and photos popping up all the time with wonderful memories of great nights out and holidays I’ve had with my friends.

“Now it’s just going to remind me of when I stopped being happy, exactly 12 months ago, having sat in my house on my own all year bored out of my tree and absolutely skint.

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“I dread to think what will come up in the memories over the next few weeks, but it won’t be anything happy that’s for sure, and will certainly be boring as fuck.

“Apart from that time when we got money from the government to go and have meals out, that was actually great.

“Although spending the next 6 weeks fighting off Covid along with millions of others was probably the worst bit of the year.

“I just hope that’s not in my pissing ‘memories’ to look back on.”

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